Dear Valued Patients and Referring Offices:

Patient safety and the welfare of our community is always the top priority of our oral surgery practice. In this light, we are actively monitoring the evolving COVID-19 pandemic status locally, nationally, and globally. In order to prevent the further spread of this infectious disease, we are following policies and guidelines set forth by the CDC and WHO and adhering to recommendations from our professional organizations (ADA and AAOMS) and local and regional governments.
We believe that it is our responsibility to implement temporary policies that will reduce transmission and help to protect our community while allowing us to care for those patients who are in need of emergency treatment. As we are seeing in other countries and communities that have preceded us in this crisis, these measures, implemented in a timely manner, can save lives.

Effective as of March 16, 2020 all elective surgical procedures and consultations will be postponed or rescheduled. Appointments and procedures will be limited to those patients in need of emergency care as deemed necessary by objective criteria. This policy and its criteria will thereafter be re-evaluated every 2 weeks and modified on the basis of current information and status of the situation.

Emergency Patient Criteria:
Facial infection with swelling
Facial Trauma – mandibular or facial fractures
Severe dental pain not controlled by antibiotics or analgesic medications

In addition to our strict infection control and sterilization protocols, we will be taking exceptional measures to protect patients and care providers:

  • Screening of all team members and doctors for history of travel or exposure to infected or potentially infected individuals
    • Daily screening of team members and doctors for fever or any flu-like symptoms
    • NO team member or doctor with fever or symptoms will be allowed in premises
  • Pre-visit assessment of all patients using health history and specific COVID-19 exposure questionnaire. Telephone or remote consultations when/if indicated
  • Temperature measurement of all patients prior to access to common or clinical areas
  • Reduced and streamlined patient flow in order to allow for staggering and patient distancing
  • Reduced presence and exposure to accompanying family members or escort in office premises (reception rooms) encouraging drop-off and pick-up
  • Strict adherence to distancing and “no contact” protocols and strict use of protective barrier devices
  • Additional hourly and between-patient anti-viral treatment all common and clinical areas
  • In-office essential clinical and clerical team members only – minimize number and density of people in office
  • At this time, and to the best our knowledge, none of our patients, doctors or team-members has had a known exposure to either an individual infected or presumed infected with COVID-19 Corona virus. However, we realize that despite all of the precautions, protocols and preventive measures such an exposure is possible, and we would like to minimize or eliminate the risk of transmission. We are particularly concerned for the higher mortality risk patient population, including the elderly and patients with significant comorbidities. While we realized that these changes may create a temporary inconvenience for patients requiring elective procedures, we appreciate your patience and understanding in helping us take the necessary measures to “flatten the curve” (see attached article links) in our communities.

    Providing exceptional patient care to our community has been our priority for the past 30 years and will continue to be the cornerstone of our practice. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions or concerns or in regards to our temporary protocols, (603) 883-4008, or

    Drs. Greene, Torio, Decoteau, Madden, Burk, and Staff